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Why ThreatSTOP Community?

We're first and foremost a member of the larger security community seeking to protect the Internet. (And pretty passionate about it) To give back, we want to provide all qualified community members access to a set of valuable security assessment tools, all through our free ThreatSTOP community account. How and why do we do it?

  • There's tons of products available to enterprises, but remarkably few to individuals that and small non-profits, especially those at high-risk. It's how we started, actually.
  • The security community has an ethical obligation to help make the world a safe place.
  • One of our most frequest questions: How can you protect friends and family who don't have thousands of dollars to spend on security tools? Our light-weight solution helps individuals protect themselves, while also helping to make our products better.
  • We don't mine all network traffic, we only get anonymized feedback when our own rules block traffic. With you, we're able to continuously improve our algorithms and data to help make the internet safer as a whole, working together as part of a community.

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Check log files for sinkholed malware server connections.

Signing Up Is Easy

The ThreatSTOP Community Account is our way of thanking the security community for providing us with their valuable data. With it, you can run ThreatSTOP on one Firewall and retrieve a single feed that includes the DShield blocklist, and emergency handler blocks.

To qualify, please be ready to submit firewall logs either to us or DShield, or be a participating member of one of our other threat research affiliates, with a reference from them. To date we have over 4,000 community accounts.

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